View From On The Couch

I’m actually lying on the couch writing this.  I tweaked my back about two weeks ago at work, helping up an overweight woman with Down Syndrome.  That night I went to a difficult yoga class and ignored the stiffness, thinking the yoga would take care of it.  It made it worse.  We all have peaks and valleys in our fitness, currently I’m in the valley, contemplating which way to go next.  I was leaning toward getting certified to teach yoga, but now I’m thinking more about helping people with back issues, since I’m currently one of the injured.  I’m not a good patient.  I hate being injured and want an immediate solution.  Today I bought some Aleve.  I purchased Eric Goodman’s second book, True to Form, and have started reading it.  I have re-visited his 12 minute Foundation video on You Tube and have been doing it.  I get improvement but still have pain and stiffness.

I did my 5th triathlon the third weekend in July.  I again was not last, and had fun.  For a short time I thought maybe I was last, because the policeman at the Park entrance paced my run toward the finish line, giving me encouragement.  He was just bored and wishing he was doing the race and trying to be helpful.  I encouraged him to join us next year, and he said he would.

I look forward to running again but will take my own advice and spend a little time on the couch, healing.  Then I know when I am up to it again I will appreciate my health and fitness and work toward a strong healthy back as part of it.


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