Forward Motion

Six weeks or so until my yearly triathlon.  My training regimen has not changed much, a little here, a little there, focusing on fun and continuing to do a regular strength training routine.  Since my move to this small, gym-free town, I have been thankful for my DVD collection as I take classes with my imaginary friends from the DVD’s.  I keep hoping for more improvement than I get, but still get enough movement and workouts in to be grateful.  I feel much younger than my actual age, except when I get up from extended sitting, when I find myself a little stiff at first, and when I get my hair cut and see an actual twenty something next to me in the mirror.  Today I saw a post from one of my role models and heros, Ernestine Shepherd.  She turned 80.  She is still personal training and inspiring the world.  She didn’t even start exercising until she was 57.

Since moving here, I took a couple of jobs instead of pursuing Personal Training, as I had planned. Hopefully that is still to come, but I’ve been exploring some different paths in the meantime.  One was a part time position in Customer Service at Eastern Mountain Sports.  I was answering phones and trying to resolve issues.  I got to talk to people who were going on amazing trips, and I also got an incredible discount.  I’m now geared up and ready to go somewhere.  Not sure where that will be.  I hope maybe someday to walk the Camino in Spain and maybe to see Machu Pichu.  Still, my favorite spot is Maui.  I go to that happy place from my last vacation when I need to, and plan to get back there again next winter.  For now, working on enjoying my run, biking, and swimming in the beautiful lakes in the area.  Forward motion.


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