The Joyful Triathlete

I’m very inspired by Ultra Athletes.  When I run and bike, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks.  When I swim, I just get my own thoughts as I have yet to invest in any waterproof electronics, but as someone who thinks they have a short attention span, the fact that I can multi-task makes me enjoy my sports more and look forward to that time. I recently spent yet another week on Maui, where I conducted my own personal triathlon training, just for myself. Here’s how it went. I got up in the morning and had coffee with my sister and my niece. Then, when they got ready for work and school, I went out for a run. I may have mentioned that I am very slow. I can actually be passed by faster walkers. Sometimes, to save myself embarrassment, I stop and stretch so that I will not be running along with people that are walking. I probably run about three miles, and by then the sun would be starting to get hotter. My route included some flat back roads and the walkway along the ocean. Then I get on a bike and also take the scenic route, from one end of Kihei to the other. They have bike paths, and I toodle along, looking at the scenery and bird watch a little, and look to see if any whales are blowing or breeching in the distance. Most mornings are pretty quiet on the whale front, but sometimes I got lucky though they were far away. Then, a visit to the Aquatic Center, which is free and very nice, all outdoors. I usually had a lane to myself or shared with one other person.  I ate lots of fresh salads and home cooked tacos and burritos, a little Maui beef, and simple meals, as well as smoothies in the Vitamix. Renewed and re-charged. All the while listening to tales of people challenging themselves to the max, putting themselves through grueling feats… Hmm. Yoga and stretching… A little snorkeling…

Sure, I know you probably don’t have a sister who lives on Maui, but most cities have parks and beautiful walkways along water.  Rail trails are being developed everywhere. Some hotels have day passes for their pools that can include hot tubs and saunas.

I went home renewed and relaxed, feeling like a million dollars. There is no wrong strategy, other than inactivity. Train for a walk, a 5K, or an ultra run. If the grueling feats are not your style, try the scenic route.


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