Maui Revisited

Thanksgiving brought another trip to Maui.  My mother is 85, and has sometimes been alone at holidays.  We all try to take turns getting there, but there have been occasional Thanksgivings and Christmases that no one has been able to go.  My sister lives on Maui, and we went last year. The trip was such a success that I suggested we do it again, and she loved the idea.  The convincing factor for me was that both of my sons could get the time off this year and get there.  My youngest now lives in Montana, and is not easy to visit.  Last year getting a week there with my older son was the highlight of my year, as usually we might just get a lunch together a few times a year, it seems like, and this was quality time.

Last year I wrote about asking for a sign from the Universe about whether or not to quit my job.  The sign I asked for was to see five red Mustangs in the same day.  I had seen three one day and the challenge to the Universe popped into my head. I grew increasingly anxious to leave the job and gave notice without seeing the sign.  When my family and I went to Lahaina the day after Thanksgiving, red Mustangs were everywhere.  I counted 26. I was practically dodging them as there were some circling the park in the center of town, by the banyon tree. This trip I went into Lahaina with my brother, my Mom, and one of my sons.  I wondered how many I would see, as I had thought it was such a funny coincidence that it is a popular rental car there.  Guess what, this year I saw one before Lahaina and one after. That was it.

Maui is a wonderful place to step away from life and re-evaluate.  It is a tough flight from the east coast, but always worth it. I don’t know what’s ahead for me but somehow I think there will be a sign or two.


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