Vegan Vs Paleo, Batman Vs Superman

First let me say that I am a meat-eater, so you know which camp I am actually in.  I’m not trying to surprise anyone.  But you never know, on either side, when you may switch teams.  We need to be working together to help improve our health and our planet, right?  Not fighting each other and making everyone else who is happily eating fast food, twinkies, and soda think we are crazy?

I was a vegetarian back in my 20’s, off and on.  I had Laurel’s Kitchen, Moosewood, and Diet for a Small Planet.  My gums receded and I got on the blood sugar roller coaster, and got more and more tired.  I feel much better now that I lean toward Paleo.  Weston Price was a dentist (if you don’t know about the Weston Price movement, it’s worth googling).  But I drove by a moose the other day that was hanging upside down from a tree, and I definitely felt a serious pang for that moose.  The hunter had proudly hung it by the road.  I would have given anything to have helped it escape that fate…  When I started college I took Animal Science (because I loved animals).  We learned all the best ways to raise meat and poultry to get the most out of the space, in other words cram more animals into small spaces to cut costs. I stopped eating veal that semester. I was known to occasionally give a little speech about the cruelty of veal, how the baby cows would cry for their mothers, and they were actually put into dark boxes.  Please do not eat veal unless you know it is from a happy farm.  I was also happy to see California pass the law against raising geese for Pate, though I think it was repealed, and I buy the best quality eggs I can find, usually the Pete and Gerry’s or Nellie’s.  I want to send a message to my grocery store that people will pay for cruelty free eggs, not to mention pastured eggs are much more nutritious.

I watched Cowspiracy, and started to watch Vegucated.  Vegucated lost me pretty quickly when she told her participants it was fine to eat pancakes and double stuffed oreos, because they are vegan. Really?  Really?!  I feel that type of eating causes diabetes and disease, and that is very expensive, not to mention painful for the families going through it. Cowspiracy made me think, and made me want to do more.  I do think they calculate the amount of water used by cows on cows that eat GMO corn, and we want our cows eating water rich grass right from the earth.  To me, not using grassland to convert grass to meat through grazing animals is wasteful.  There is a lot of land that is not appropriate for forests or crops.  I felt in Cowspiracy they were quick to generalize, very black and white.  If there is not enough grazing land to produce half a pound of beef a day for everyone on the planet, that does not mean we should all be vegans.  But we can all eat real food, and we can all move toward cruelty free food.  Imagine if Batman and Superman worked together for good!


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