You Can Transform Your Life

My world was shaken last week when I read that Wayne Dyer had unexpectedly passed away.  From what I know, he had a heart attack in his sleep at his home in Maui.  I listened to his Hay House Radio Show, especially when I travel, and actually I have listened to him for 24 years.  Here’s the story.  My son Sam was a toddler, I guess he was two and a half if I remember correctly, and I had a new baby as well (my son Denny).  Sam had recurrent ear infections.  He was cranky and we were constantly taking him to the doctor for antibiotics, and he also had a few instances of asthma, plus he was difficult and hyperactive.  The doctor was talking about tubes in his ears.  One especially difficult day, I was exhausted and turned to prayer.  I was not especially religious in those days, in fact I had mostly given up going to church, as it was not easy with the kids.  I gave up completely somewhere around this time, after the local minister gave a sermon about how you had to spank your kids and I think he was directing at me.  Anyway, I had one of those moments where I gave up and told God I needed some help.  I went out to the mailbox, and just before I went out there I heard a guest on the TV show I was watching, who was the allergist Dr. Doris Rapp, suggest parents take their kids off milk products if they have repeated ear infections.  Then I got to the mailbox and I had an offer from Nightingale Conant for a free cassette tape by Wayne Dyer, called “You Can Transform Your Life.”  I sent for it.  I have enjoyed his calm voice and his wisdom ever since.  I saw him once in Boston at a Hay House talk, and was too star struck in the moment to even say hello.   That happened again last year in Maui, when I’m pretty sure I saw him that day in Lahaina when I was there with my family.  On his latest radio shows he talked a lot about the steps he was taking for good health.  I do remember him saying that he believed that your time is up when it’s up, but it does still upset me that he did that popular cleanse, with the maple syrup and cayenne, because I can’t help feeling that that probably weakened his heart.  He did it for a long time. Folks, don’t starve yourself.  Cleanse by eating real food.  And enjoy every moment that you can because when your time is up it’s up.


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