Relax Into Fitness

My attitude around fitness is very different than most personal trainers.  Maybe that’s why my abs are not showing, although that is partly due to the decade I recently spent in a cubicle before finally making the leap out of it.  I don’t believe in “No Pain, No Gain.”  I believe you can work up gradually to fitness, and actually I think for those of us that are not young, it’s kind of important to do that.  I also believe that you can love exercise, and if you do not resonate with Boot Camp style military torture workouts, you can do something fun.  For me, Zumba and dance type exercises are fun.  I love swimming and bike riding.  I have only recently become a proficient skier even though I’ve actually been skiing for quite a while.  Some of us take longer than others to learn certain sports, but eventually you can get it!  Maybe not enough to get to the Olympics, but enough to enjoy it.  I have actually enjoyed the skiing all along, but something finally clicked last year that now I feel at home in my skis, like they are just an extension of my feet.  That took a while!  I really am not an expert or fast at any of the sports I participate in, but I enjoy them, and it has resulted in good health and the enjoyment of having a body that can move through life in a fun way.  I actually am a little embarrassed because I’ll be going to meet some trainer friends and I imagine I will be the least fit.  My abs are not washboard by any means and I will be hiding them as best I can due to the very tiny bit of a competitive nature that usually doesn’t even come out in me.  In my biking group I have been trailing behind. I have not yet purchased the superhero outfit that my new friends have.  But it is bringing out the joy of riding a bike that I had in childhood that is amazing.  Swimming is like a meditation, and it also triggers happiness. There is a feeling in the water that is hard to describe, and after showering off and putting on dry clothes, there is a wonderful sensation that is something like the feeling of having been to a spa. Some people actually love the military boot camps, probably due to the feeling of accomplishment after. Once you develop a certain degree of ability in running, it also becomes something you enjoy and look forward to.  Let’s put “No Pain, No Gain” to rest and relax into fitness by trying something fun.


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