Show Me A Sign

Need help with an issue or a problem?  Need to know which way to go and can’t decide?  Ask the Universe for a sign.  I’m so excited it’s Hay House World Summit time (  Four weeks of woo woo speeches and interviews to motivate me and take me in new directions.  If you are reading this and the Summit has ended, Hay House Radio is full of these talks.  My personal favorites are Alan Cohen, Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, and Wayne Dyer, plus I have studied with Deborah King, who is very far “out there” but amazing and she has probably the best meditation program you can find.

There’s a long story about the sign I asked for when I wanted to quit my job. One of my fitness mentors, Phil Kaplan, was talking about the Reticular Activating System and how when you start looking for something, you start seeing it.  He mentioned a Red Mustang.  I was mad because previously when I had heard him talk about this he said “orange Mustang” and I had seen one pretty regularly.  I live in New Hampshire, which is not muscle car country, with our long winters and salted roads.  I didn’t think I ever saw Red Mustangs.  But as he spoke, one went by.  I decided I would make that my sign.  One morning I saw three.  I decided if I saw five, that would be my sign to give my notice.  I grew more dissatisfied in my job, and knew it was getting time to make the move.  Finally I gave my notice without having seen the sign.  Yes, I even took a drive by the Ford dealer, I admit.  My family talked me into Thanksgiving in Maui, since my sister lives there, and I think Mom feels she may not be able to travel forever and wanted to get everyone together.  The day after Thanksgiving we went into Lahaina for a boat ride and meal.  Apparently the Mustang is a popular rental car there for some reason.  They were everywhere.  There were rainbows in the sky all day, and I counted twenty-six Red Mustangs.  I’m happy with my decision, needless to say.  And five would have been plenty.


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