Diet Rant

Dieting makes me mad. Why?  Because crap in moderation still means you are eating crap.  Less of it, even.  While I applaud the support that weight loss groups give their members, the fact is they are still supporting them to eat poor quality food that is lacking in nutrition and often loaded with additives (don’t even get me started about additives, that’s a different rant).

While it’s true that we have a problem with a lack of access to real food in inner cities, that doesn’t explain why most of the people that you and I know are still buying and eating processed food from the middle of the grocery store, and swinging through drive through windows.  I live in a rural area, and grocery stores with real food are all over, and my son lives in Boston and I have found grocery stores available there, too.  They seem to be almost everywhere, right?

The way to health is to drink water, eat good quality 100% real food daily and move your body in a way that builds muscle and keeps your heart and lungs healthy.  Not by eating a low calorie diet of poor quality processed stuff (that’s the polite word).


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