Eat Like a Trainer

The New Year is here.  We have been bombarded with commercials for Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Carnation Instant Breakfast, to name a few.  I am not a fan of any of these.  In fact, they make me mad.  Why do people still think they can starve themselves to good health?  I used to encourage people to switch to artificial sweeteners in order to avoid sugar.  I no longer do that (hey, we’ve all made mistakes).  Your body needs lots of nutrient dense real foods to be healthy.  Most of us don’t eat nearly enough vegetables.  So what can you do?  Eat like a trainer.  Bring lots of healthy stuff with you.  That way, you’ll never be tempted to go on what Rich Roll refers to as the “Window Diet,”  where you buy something through a window and eat it.

Check out how Personal Trainers eat.  They bring a cooler.  It usually has a variety of containers of stuff like chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.  Personally I bring a breakfast, usually something made with good farm eggs and preservative free sausage or bacon or veggies, or a blended shake from my nutribullet, and a large brightly colored salad with a protein (chicken, tuna or steak) and olive oil dressing, and a snack of fruit and nuts.  I bring different kinds of teas to drink, after coffee in the morning and water when thirsty. Basically, we bring healthy food with us and when we’re hungry, we eat.


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