Every Day Can Be New Years Day!

So far, everyone I’ve mentioned the word “Resolutions” to has told me they don’t make them.  I do, but I don’t limit them to New Years Day.  I like New Years as it helps me to crystallize what I am working toward.  Of course, I have the advantage that I actually enjoy exercise (thus the line of work…).

So let’s go over it again, why should we exercise?  One new reason (probably not new but newly being reported on maybe) is autophagy.   This means that when we exercise the junk is cleaned up out of our cells, making us healthier.  Muscles are basically “use it or lose it.”  The astronauts were found to lose muscle at an alarming rate until NASA figured out how they could exercise in space.  Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  It can improve your appearance and delay signs of aging.  It improves your strength and stamina, which gives you a better quality of life.

Basically, you will look better and feel better.

To motivate yourself, write down your personal reasons.  Do you want to play with your kids or your grand kids?  Or wear a bathing suit on a vacation?  Or walk to see the sights somewhere that you have wanted to visit?

Then, you just need to decide if you want to go to a gym or work out at home.  Start slow and work up gradually.  Consistency is key, and getting support makes a difference.  Put something that reminds you of your reasons for wanting to be fit somewhere that you can see it every day.  This will be an important step in moving toward fitness in 2015.


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