Maui vacation

Everyone gets off track occasionally, in fitness and in blogging too I guess!  The last few months have been a big change for me, and that is an understatement.  I left a social work job and now am a full time fitness instructor.  I was in the job for 11 years, and more than that in total including other positions.  I had a cubicle of my own, with a window no less!  But the stress of watching people deteriorate as they get bad medical information and go on more and more medications, along with the stress of paperwork deadlines and sitting too much, was taking a toll.  And in the meantime I was trying to do the fitness thing on the side.  I would listen to podcasts, read books and blogs, and then have to go to work and watch my folks eating junk food and getting bad advice from the agency nurses (sorry nurses!).  They are only following their training and “standard of care.”  It was certainly with the best intentions, but nurses have little time to actually keep up on the subject of health.  They are busy with keeping up on medication lists, doctors instructions, and paperwork of their own.  So now I am starting to teach fitness classes again, including Zumba and Piyo, and taking on individual clients.  Not to mention that my family decided that we had to go to Maui to spend Thanksgiving with my sister.  A week in Paradise definitely did me a world of good and helped with the stress that I had been feeling as all of this approached.  So next week more on strength training, and we will make 2015 a great year of good health and fitness.  One of my clients used to have a podcast so we may be putting that together next week too.  Let’s all get off of the couch in 2015!


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