Strength Training Part 2

I found this quote: “We are in a vehicle that carries our consciousness for this lifetime and we want to optimize it.” (Sorry that I do not know the source). Muscle is “Use it or lose it.” We know that even 90 year-olds can benefit from strength training.
It turns out that muscle mass is a measure of our health. It is an endocrine organ, and that is one reason it helps in decreasing the symptoms of diabetes More muscle results in an increase in energy, balance, coordination, and flexibility, for stability as you age.
There are emotional benefits, too. Getting stronger physically translates to feeling better able to handle situations and feel more positive and optimistic. The workouts decrease stress and increase endorphins. Setting goals for weight training helps people lose the diet mentality. If you train in combination with eating nutrient-dense foods, and the right amount of recovery, you can build a strong, healthy body, as opposed to trying to starve yourself thin, which results in less muscle mass and then slows down your metabolism.
More about strength training next week, i.e. what to do.


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