Laughter really is the best medicine

I know I was supposed to continue my strength training talk this past weekend. But life took a turn and seeing as I have a blog I think I will take a few minutes to write about it. The article will continue next week so you will have to stay tuned for that. I gave notice at my social work job on Monday. I have been planning this for a while. It was clearly thought out, but still a big leap of faith because I plan to work for myself, and while I have a retirement fund that I can break into even though I’m not old enough, (foolish idea, right?) I am definitely leaping. On Tuesday I checked my email and found out that I had won a contest on Twitter. I followed the Cam Neeley Foundation because my favorite event is Comics Come Home, which is once a year in Boston. Denis Leary lines up a bunch of his favorite comedians to raise money for the Cam Neeley Foundation, which helps families dealing with cancer. I won two floor tickets, and not only that, but a very fancy hotel room and a gift certificate to a steak house to top it off. So if I had any trepidation about giving my notice, it was overshadowed by this prize. Friday night I was already signed up to usher at the Capital Center for Steven Wright, another great Boston comic. So funny. Then Saturday night we headed down, took the T into North Station and picked up the tickets and laughed our guts out for over two hours. I felt like I had taken part in some type of athletic event because I had laughed so hard for hours. So I’m just saying, if I ever doubted the power of laughter I don’t anymore. Go laugh yourself silly. You deserve it.


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