Strength Training Part 1

Why do we do strength training? What do you think of when I say it? Some people immediately think of large bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the old days. Recently there has been a new commercial out for State Farm Insurance, featuring Hans and Franz. In case you’re not a fan of Saturday Night Live, Hans and Franz was a skit from SNL in the late 80’s, starring Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, wearing padded grey sweat outfits and making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger. They thought it was really funny until one day Arnold was a guest on the show. It’s funny, and if you don’t know who they are check them out on You Tube.
That’s what many of us think of: Brawn with no brains bodybuilders, or in the case of women, a masculine looking muscle-bound woman doing a fitness contest and most women want nothing to do with that. Which is understandable. I’m going to change your mind. To be continued.


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