Running on Empty

If you’re thinking I’m about to talk about intermittent fasting and exercise, nope. Not where I’m going with this. Last night I ushered at the Jackson Browne concert in Concord. We ushered since we had waited too long to get tickets, and there were ushers still needed. I first saw Jackson Browne play at my high school in Delaware in 1973. He has been one of my favorite singer/songwriters ever since, and his music has been part of the soundtrack of my life. I could clearly picture the time I drove across the country with Running on Empty playing on a little battery operated cassette player in my Datsun Pickup (does anyone even remember Datsun?) because the tape player had been stolen out of it. I could picture a Nissan pickup I owned later, driving up the California coast to go camping in the Big Sur area, listening to his then new album on cassette, Lives in the Balance. I have listened to alot of Jackson Browne over the years. But the reason I’m writing this on a fitness blog, is that I got to observe the effects of time on me, on Jackson Browne, and on the audience. Most of us have weathered pretty well. We were young in 1973. We are not as young now. I just had my 57th birthday, and to be honest I’m feeling positive about it. Jackson Browne looks almost the same to me. He looks and sounds great. I have heard that he has a healthy lifestyle out there in the canyons of Southern California, and I picture him doing yoga though I have no idea if he does that or not. But I am pretty sure of the healthy food part as I have heard that and it seems to fit. (I also had the no nukes album and did actually own some Birkenstocks at one point). Some of the audience had not done so well taking care of themselves, though the majority had. It made me reflect on the importance of eating well and exercise. It was obvious.
And by the way, if I could say something to Jackson Browne, which I wouldn’t expect him to read, thank you so much for coming to our theatre. It was fun to see a whole audience that appreciated the artist so much and we enjoyed going back through all our memories as he sang the songs.


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