Yesterday I took part in my third sprint triathlon. I went back to the one I did originally. It was called Give Peace A Tri. It is in a really nice spot near Keene, NH, and is not a large one and great for beginners to triathlon. I didn’t sleep well the night before and woke up crabby. I drank extra coffee hoping to feel better. I got there and headed right to the bathroom, which was locked. The day was not starting well. I did eventually find an unlocked bathroom (finally!) and got my stuff ready. Looking at the water I wondered what in the heck had made me do this. The countdown came, I got in the water and it turned out to be much colder than I expected. After the initial shock of the cold, I adjusted to the water and began to swim along. Let’s just say the day got better at that point. The event went smoothly, I felt pretty good through most of it, and finished less close to last even than last time. Which for me is pretty darn good. I have to admit there was some soreness later that day. Today, not so bad. And really happy that I did it.


2 thoughts on “Ow

  1. Running a triathlon sounds fun, but in practice I don’t have the endurance to do one. It looks like you improved your day by taking part of the triathlon.

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