Put the Big Rocks in First

This was on old story told by Steven Covey. He talks about a teacher who has a glass jar and asks the students to fill it with rocks, giving them a bucket of rocks. They do so. He asks if it’s full. They say yes. Then he brings out a bucket of sand. I believe they add sand, then he brings out a pitcher of water. Thinking the point of the story is you can add more when you think you can’t, I was surprised that the moral was to put the big rocks in first.
Eating right and exercise are our big rocks. If we don’t put these first, the quality of our lives decrease. When astronauts first went up in space, they lost muscle and bone density from the lack of gravity. When we are sedentary, the same thing happens to us. We weaken and have less energy, and our spine takes on the shape of our favorite couch after a while.
When we live a fit lifestyle, which doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym bodybuilding, we feel better, it affects our sleep and our mood, our self esteem, not to mention our blood pressure and bone density. Put something in your schedule today!


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