ONLY 20 Minutes of Cardio!

Cardiovascular exercise definitely makes your body healthy by working your heart and lungs and getting more oxygen to all your cells. It has tremendous positive effects, including the endorphins that make you feel more happy and positive, and it has a great effect on your sleep. But you have a life and if you are not an exerciser now, you are probably wondering how you can fit it in.
The answer is interval training. Do 2 minutes slow, 2 minutes at a moderate pace, and 1 minute at a challenging pace. Work up to doing this four times in a row, just three times a week. Work up at your own pace. If you can only do the first two minutes and that’s it you have still started on the path, and you will get in better shape every time.
If you have back or knee problems or a lot of extra weight, you can do something seated like a bike or a seated exercise video. For those with no aches or pains I still recommend something low impact like an eliptical machine, which is what I use. But you can also march in place or get a fun video. Walk Away the Pounds is a great beginner video, and Zumba makes some really fun workouts.
Doing cardio will get you in shape for all the fun activities that you would like to take part in , and will give you the fit, healthy body that you want to have when you also combine it with weekly resistance (weight) training.


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