More about why

First I have to say that despite what you have heard elsewhere you only need to work up (gradually if you want) to three half hour exercise sessions per week.  There is no ranch in this program, no throwing up, no mean trainers or all day exercise sessions.  So keep reading.

You will work hard during those sessions but not until you are ready.  So don’t worry.  Baby steps.

You may not know all the benefits of exercise.  I am going to list some of them.

1.  Looking fantastic in your bathing suit

2.  Feeling energetic and happy (endorphins do this!)

3.  Lowers high cholesterol

4.  Lowers high blood pressure

5. Reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

6.  Better sleep

7.  Greatly increases self esteem and confidence

8.  Lowers biological age

9.  Strengthens bones, muscles and joints


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